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Aviation Services & Capabilities

Aircraft Maintenance

HSAS (Higher Source Aviation Services, Inc.) performs an extensive array of core Aircraft Maintenance, Overhaul & Parts Repair in accordance with Military and Commercial (FAA 145 Repair Station [6HSR352B]) applications and standards.

  • C-130, P-3, and Boeing 737 (classic) Aircraft Wheels and OEM Brakes
  • T-56 Engine Vanes (OEM)
  • Structural repairs include, leading edges, trailing edges, ailerons, rudders, trim tabs, horizontal and vertical stabilizer, outer wings, center wings, wing tip, nacelles and pylon, engine scoops, cowling, mounts, spoilers, passenger door, emergency door, cargo door, service door, landing gear door, escape hatch and all other aircraft structure in general.

Aircraft Back Shop

HSAS provides an extensive Aircraft Back Shop service capability supporting aircraft MRO and Manufacturing.

  • Manufacturing of Aircraft Support Equipment and Tooling
  • Corrosion Control and Paint
  • Sheet Metal fabrication and assembly
  • Weld
  • Machine Shop Support (CNC/CAD – Catia software interface)
  • Aircraft Parts Kitting
  • Material Handling

MRO Field Team Support Service

HSAS maintains a fully functional Aircraft MRO Field Team Support Service ready to be deployed CONUS and OCONUS when the need arises.

  • Program Depot Maintenance (PDM & Phase Inspection Support)
  • Aircraft Repair and Reclamation (Aircraft tear down and transport/ferry flight)
  • Parts Installation Service (In house build up or plane side installation)
  • Project Management & Training (CONUS & OCONUS)
HSAS is an FAA 145 repair station [6HSR352B], Lockheed Martin approved vendor that is both EASA & CAAB approved. Providing a completely climate controlled facility suitable for your entire nose-to-tail military and commercial airframe repairs and overhauls. We use the latest metal working equipment; heated and down drafted paint booth, fully enclosed media blast booth using the latest technology in coating removal and aircraft specific specialty tooling.

HSAS sales team is available to serve you personally, call 864.315.3333 or Email us your RFQ. Don’t underestimate HSAS’s competitive prices.

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